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    Learn how high-end forecasting, trading and neural network analytics are increasing profitability, insight and decision-making ability in your industry:

    New version of the Forecaster XL forecasting software for Office 2013 is immediately available for trial.
    Easy-to-use credit scoring system, specially designed for mid- and small-size banks and financial institutions.

    Neural Network Software

    Neural Network Software For researchers, data mining experts and predictive analysts
    High-end professional neural network software system to get the maximum predictive power from artificial neural network technology. Alyuda's neural network software is successfully used by thousands of experts to solve tough data mining problems, empower pattern recognition and predictive modeling, build classifiers and neural net simulators, design trading systems and forecasting solutions.

    Featured products:

    Forecasting Software

    Forecasting Software For forecasters,
    business analysts
    and managers
    Based on proprietary self-constructive neural networks, Alyuda forecasting software provides reliable forecasts even when the input data is noisy, full of non-linear dependencies or incomplete. Alyuda forecasting software makes it easy to start with neural nets as it automatically designs, trains and tests neural network forecasting models using the latest advances in artificial neural networks.

    Featured solutions:

    Digital Forgery Detector

    Digital Forgery Detector For online lenders,
    telcos, insurance,
    Image Forgery Detector employs Alyuda AI engine along with the state-of-the-art image analysis technology that identifies digital image manipulation even with forged metadata. This technology empowers our clients to outpace competition and set new standards of digital document processing in their industries by employing proven image analysis and AI technologies for image forgery detection.

    Featured service:

    Credit Scoring System

    Credit Scoring Software For risk managers, retail credit analysts and scorecard modelers
    Using state-of-the-art scoring technologies Alyuda developed analytical core for premium-quality complete credit scoring systems for consumer and SME lending that can be effectively used for Application, Collection and Behavioral scoring as well as Fraud Detection in retail banking. These systems are powered with the easiest and fastest scorecard development solution on the market, as well as with a unique scoring software that is the easiest for integration with any existing IT infrastructure.

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    All Alyuda Software is Free for:

    Charity organizations

    Microfinance and student lending

    Sustainable development projects
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